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IMG-1471 IMG-1472

Sennheiser xs e835 Wireless mic system still selling new at $399

I am selling this one at $165.

As you can see, it is very taken care of and all items are in the box.




IMG-1473 IMG-1476

Sennheiser Evolution G4 Wireless IEM

2 Unit Set- Practically Brand NEW!

I just purchased these in Jan 2020. They were used during our rehearsal period and only a few shows before our closing.  I have 2 sets or

4 FOUR TOTAL UNITS pd over $1k ea

Selling for $750 ea

IMG-1477 IMG-1478

Audio Technica System 10 Pro Digital

This system is a 10 unit proprietary system where you can use up to 10 different Mics or Instrument transmitters.

I have 4 mics and 2 instruments and 3 receivers for sale. (you can still add 4)

The were only recently purchased. 2 mos old.  Each system sells new for $899

I'll sell at $595 ea or $1750 for all.