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Equipment for sale

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left- 500' Heavy Duty Shielded CAT6

cable on winding spool.  $125 ea (2 avail)



right- FULL Case of Haze Fluid $10 ea (4 gal avail)

left- Chauvet Cumulus "low lying" fog machine barely used.

It looks like dry ice machine effect. $1300 retail $600 takes it.


right- Peavey Decade backstage amp. $35

Par 38 cluster.  1 plug controls all 4  $60 ea (2 avail)

-or- $100 for both sets.

Mic Road Case-protects up to 12mics and also has a chord bin. Good shape. $50

1 qty-  RCA  55" Smart TV's  $200 ea

INSIGNIA TV's these were used for advertisement only.

They have USB "photo player". They are HD ready.

There are 8 total.  $45 ea  -or- $275 for all 8

IMG_1352 IMG_1354

I couldn't make my way in the back to get a really good pic of all actual speakers but, the one on the left is the one I could get to.   Anyway, I have 4 of these MACKIE SA1530Z's  These are pro 3-Way Speakers and they pack a thump.

They can easily service a large area with no problem.

They listed at $1399 for only 1,  on most sites.

I'm priced at $1400 for "two of them"  -or-

If you want all of them you can buy all at $2500


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