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Chauvet Intimidator 350 Beams $365 ea 4 light avail


I also have 2 flight Cases for them (fits 2 per)

the cases are hardly used. $125 per case.  

     -or-  $1600 for all lights and flight cases  text here ...


INNO Color Beams z7-  $400 ea (4 avail)

-or- $1450 for all 4 lights.

text here ...

Chauvet Intimidator 250 Spot LED (16 avail)

$150 ea  -or-  $125 ea for 8 or more.

-or- $1750 for all 16 lights.

Verticle LED VIDEO PANELS (6 total) fully controllable. Comes w/control box. Incredible stage wide video spread.

Works great with Resolume software or other popular video editors.

Sold as a complete system-- $975


See them in action here --> YOUTUBE

RESPONSE Opto DMX Splitter from ETC  access multi-universe or combine one universe with multi-i/o  features $100

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Chauvet ColorStrips RGB Led Bars

I have 14 of these. (only 8 left)

$100 ea or $1200 for all of them

Equipment List

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SHURE PGX4/PGX2  Receiver and Handheld wireless mic system.  non-boxed but I have the mic/rec/and power supply Retails at $249

I have two left at $100 ea

Only 2 left

Only 3 left

Only 2 left

2 left

Only 2 left

Only 2 left