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Equipment List

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Road Case Sales Displays $100 ea 5 avail

 text here ...


Glass Displays $100 each 2 avail

Mini Fridge $90 text here ...


Kustom 200 Amps- 2 avail-(1blk/1wh) $680ea

Kustom100 Amps-2 avail-(1red/1Blu) $525ea

          all amps are in working order text here ...

Lyric Monitors that work with OnSong app

They are the size of a normal 12H wedge.

Awesome for lyrics on the fly. 3-avail- $100 ea


I have 2 LED Video Walls P10 pitch w/all connectors and controllers. 20' x 7.5' huge and impressive. The first is rated Indoor $5500

The other is rated Outdoor $8500

or make an offer for both and go big!


This is the back side of one

of the Outdoor rated

panels  appx 1m x 1m  


Theres over 30 ADJ TRI 18 LED FLAT PARS

these list at $399 ea on all major sites.


The ones I have are factory refurbs back to

100% condition...my price is $125ea or $100 ea if you buy 8 or more.

IMG_1286 IMG_1287 IMG_1288 IMG_1289 IMG_1301

   B A C K  S T O R Y

This curtain is very lightly used and came from a High School in Southern USA.  I had every intention of using this at my theatre but, time got away from me and I never got around to it.  

It is a BEAUTIFUL plush Light Rose color with all of the traveler hardware, chains, blackout panels and it also has the incandecent clusters all

wired separately and ready to be sent to your dimmer packs

  I did a search on ROSEBRAND and saw a comparable (without the lighting package) priced in the several thousands.

 The pics do not do this curtain any justice at all but, the demolition  had already started before dismantling happened so, no lights avail except a follow spot in the back.  I have it all bagged up and ready.

This is a very slightly used, fire treated Light Rose Colored Auditorium Curtain system w/ travelers & Running Lights ready to hang   $1750

IMG_1303 IMG_1305 IMG_1306

(left) CP-20 Elektralite

controller 512 dmx   w/midi $350

mid/right- LFS-5D gobo projector  

$100 ea (12 available)

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These cases are made for displaying merchandise like T-Shirts, Head and Neck wear, Hats, CD's, DVD's..stuff like that.

They are not designed to transport equipment.

They are 8'h x4'w x2'd  They are made of wood, painted black, on casters, and the shelves are adjustable.